Most in-demand jobs in Scotland right now

Most in-demand jobs in Scotland right now

According to the latest survey released by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), there is a widening gap between employment demand in Scotland and the rest of the UK. Let’s see the fields with the biggest shortage in this country.

The Private Sector

There is a general lack of part-qualified accountants and there aren’t many candidates studying for these exams in Scotland. Firms value their current accountants especially if they have analytical experience and the ability to understand the implications derived from financial decision-making.

In the banking sector, the competition is quite high among candidates with skills for positions like business analysts and project managers. At the same time, these jobs are in high demand because banks continue to emerge and expand.

We all know that the construction industry was hit hard by the recession. There are vacancies unfilled for months in a row, most of which consist in commercial staff jobs. Companies seek good estimators because they are quite scarce, especially those who can prove their worth by securing new projects.

Specialist engineering staff in the energy sector in Scotland are highly sought, just like mechanical and electrical engineers. The ideal candidate has experience with CHP (Combined Heat and Power) and EFW (Energy from Waste). It is difficult to find candidates who worked in the renewable sector or with a degree that targets this specific field because there is a lack of courses for students to attend. That’s why most candidates who apply to jobs in the renewable energy sector come from other industries like oil and gas.

If you are interested in becoming a lawyer in Scotland, this would be the moment to focus toward banking and finance law. Many companies are looking for people with 1-4 years of experience.

At all levels, HR professionals are in great demand especially in the financial services market, since Scotland became an attractive target for companies to move their HR departments into.

Public sector

Because of cuts to the public sector, combined with the natural retirement of workers, there is a shortage of specialists in IT, HR and finance managers. They are mainly looking for financial executives who have the ability to reduce costs and increase accountability among operational managers.

Social care is severely understaffed and the low number of candidates who sought SSSC registration doesn’t help with that. There also is a high demand of workers in the department for housing advisers.