The Biggest Lottery Wins in Scotland

The Biggest Lottery Wins in Scotland

Lotteries are a very exciting way to spend afternoons and evenings. Retired couples usually turn to lotteries when they have nothing better to do, as it might actually pay out one day. Some couples like playing lotteries as a pastime activity even when they are relatively young (in their 30s).

Online lotteries are very interesting, as people love playing something which they usually cannot play, especially when that something is over thousands of kilometers away. Bonus codes also motivate lottery lovers, as to various promotions such as a welcome bonus. A good example would be this Michigan Lottery welcome bonus, which can teach you how bonuses work.

In Scotland, however, people play a different lottery, mostly EuroMillions. This lottery is popular because it is available in most European countries and because it has very large jackpots. Here are the two most interesting and largest lottery wins from Scotland.

A Ticket Torn Up Becomes a Huge Prize

While the title might give you the wrong impression, the story is quite true. Mr. Higgins took his ticket to a local retailer and asked to have it checked in case it was a winning ticket. He actually handed two tickets. The first one was a dud and the retailer ripped it and threw it into a bin and the second one was a winning ticket, but it was also ripped up. It was ripped up out of habit, so the retailer, Sean Grant, checked it and saw that it was a winning ticket, and the machine told him that they did not have enough money to pay the win. He then relayed the information to Mr. Higgins who later phoned Camelot and sorted the thing out.

The ripped ticket was kept in an envelope at the Higgins’ household, during the entire course of the investigation. The couple, Fred and Lesley Higgins, won 57 million pounds and are looking into changing their lives, from buying property abroad to a very quick Audi Cabriolet purchase. 35 years of marriage and a 20 year anniversary coming gives them plenty of reasons to celebrate, which they can do in style, being 57 million pounds richer.

Millions Cannot Save Marriages

Another win, another divorce? In this case, yes, a divorce did happen after a major jackpot win, in fact, Britain’s largest jackpot win. Colin and Christine, a married couple, at the time, 31 years of marriage, won 161 million pounds in 2011. It was, of course, the EuroMillion lottery, as was the above-mentioned case.

They proceeded to donate their money to various charities and noble causes, while at the same time investing into their own futures. In this case, futures, because they announced that they would be separating amicably after 38 years of marriage. They have been living apart for some time prior to that announcement. While lotteries might not save marriages, they might give people enough courage to seek out happiness in their lives.

These are the two largest Scottish wins, and the most interesting ones, at the same time.